A drug charge can be troubling, no matter how many times you have been convicted of a similar crime before. However, for repeat offenders, the stakes get higher and higher every time a drug charge and a conviction are given to you. Being charged with a drug crime multiple times shows the prosecution that you have not learned your lesson and can make it exponentially more difficult to get off without paying a serious price for your crime. Even so, it’s important to remember that you are innocent until you have been proven guilty. Seeking the help of a trusted and experienced drug crimes lawyer can give you a fighting chance when it comes to avoiding a second conviction for a drug charge. Contact our law office as soon as you can so we can start to develop your defense and give you the best chance of getting the best results possible for your case.

How Can a Drug Crimes Lawyer Help Me Reduce My Charges?

Even if you are facing a repeat offense of a previous charge or conviction, having a drug crimes lawyer on your side can help you when it comes to getting your charges reduced. Negotiating a plea deal to get you the best possible outcome is one of the primary duties of a drug crimes lawyer. A reduced charge can make a world of difference because that means you may not end up getting the increased penalties a second charge can bring. Every case is different so be sure to consult with a drug crimes lawyer first to see if you may be eligible for a plea bargain deal with your case.

What Are the Consequences for Repeat Drug Offenders?

Generally, the consequences for a repeat offender are more severe fines and prison sentences than first-time offenders. This can largely depend on the type of drug crime charges you are facing. Avoid serious consequences and get the best possible outcome by letting our criminal defense attorneys represent your case.

Is a Drug Crimes Lawyer Worth It?

While many believe hiring a criminal defense attorney is expensive, it can be much costlier to deal with the penalties of a drug conviction. Protect yourself and your rights as an American by seeking the proper legal help today. Contact the Law Office of Daniel Deng at (626) 280-6000 to schedule a free, no-hassle case evaluation.