The far-reaching ripple effects of a domestic violence conviction may be lost on you at first as you deal with the immediate matters at hand. You may feel you aren’t guilty of anything, at first, but your situation can get progressively worse as it goes on. If your domestic violence charge ends up in a conviction, you may be concerned about the legal ramifications of your conviction, and rightfully so. From jail time, probation, house arrest, and expensive fines, a conviction can be incredibly detrimental to you. However, often overlooked is the fact that a domestic violence conviction can affect not only the status of your future employment but even your current job. Being convicted of a domestic violence charge could end your career as you know it. You may have spent your entire life working towards your dream job and it can all end in an instant. Protect all that hard work and your rights and freedoms and contact our law firm as soon as possible to get the representation you deserve for your case.

How Can a Domestic Violence Conviction Impact My Child Custody Rights?

A domestic violence conviction can affect you in a much more emotional way, as well. While many people think about the penalties such as jail time that can potentially come with a domestic violence conviction, your child custody rights can also be affected. You may lose visitation rights for a period of time or indefinitely if you are convicted of domestic violence. Not being able to see your child regularly can have an incomprehensible impact on your life. We sympathize with that and we will do whatever it takes to make sure your charge doesn’t end up in a conviction.

What If I Have a Restraining Order Placed Against Me?

If you have been charged with a restraining order, you may have a restraining order placed against you. Because a restraining order can mean you won’t be able to go home or possibly even see your kids or loved ones for an extended period of time, you might feel like your rights are being infringed on. We can work to ensure your rights are protected once you have been charged and every step of the way in your case after that.

How Can a Domestic Violence Lawyer Help Me Out?

A domestic violence lawyer can be a critical component to ensuring you remain a free person. Contact the Law Office of Daniel Deng today by dialing (626) 280-6000 to book a free consultation for your domestic violence case.