One of the most troubling parts about being involved in a motorcycle accident is just how unprotected your body can be while riding. Although a proper helmet and safety equipment can protect you from extensive harm, that isn’t always the case. With so much of your body in harm’s way, severe injuries can result from a motorcycle accident. Severe injuries can be incredibly painful to deal with and may require an excruciating recovery process. You can seek damages for the pain you have been put through. Think about a time when a part of your body has ached and affected the activities you could partake in or even how you perform at work because of how unbearable the pain is. Now imagine a severe injury and how that pain can take a toll on you. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can work towards a favorable resolution for your case, fighting to get the compensation you deserve for all the pain and suffering you have been put through.

What If I Can No Longer Work Due to My Injury?

Severe injuries can often demand a lengthy recovery period. Depending on what parts of your body have been affected, recovery can last as little as a few weeks to as long as a lifetime. Because of the rehabilitation process, you may have to miss a ton of work to get your health back up. This can take a major chunk out of your wages. We understand how important your financial health is to get your physical health back on track. Our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers can do whatever it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive If My Injury Has Affected My Relationships?

A severe injury may impede the way you behave with others in your life. For example, a severe injury to your back or legs may get in the way of intimacy between you and your loved one, which can affect the general happiness of your relationship. You may not be able to play around with your children if you are limited by your injuries. We can seek damages for loss of consortium or the loss of enjoyment of life to make up for the losses you have sustained.

Is a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Worth the Cost?

No matter how severe or minor your injuries are, our motorcycle accident attorneys can fight for your rights and get you compensated for your injuries. Reach out to the Law Office of Daniel Deng and schedule a free consultation by calling (626) 280-6000.