In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, you may not be thinking about your long-term worries. However, once the dust settles and you’ve received medical treatment for a personal injury you sustained in your car accident, you may start noticing the stresses begin to pile up. From unwanted medical costs to impactful lost wages, a car accident can put a nasty wrench into the gears of your life. A personal injury claim can help you recover damages for the injuries you sustained in a car accident. Many times, successful personal injury claims end up either settling out of court or receiving compensation following litigation. The amount of compensation you receive does not depend on which legal route you take but on the number of damages you are able to successfully recover. The most effective way to optimize the number of damages you can receive may depend on you contacting our team of experienced personal injury attorneys. We will do what it takes to help you get your desired results as efficiently as possible.

How Long Can Litigation Take?

There is no pre-determined time it takes for a personal injury case to get through the litigation process. However, with insurance companies doing whatever it takes to delay the process, they can end up being lengthy. With the help of a car accident injury attorney holding the insurance company accountable, your claim can remain on track.

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Get Me the Compensation I Deserve?

A car accident injury lawyer can work by your side to ensure you are never taken advantage of by those combatting your personal injury claim. We will work vigorously to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve by leveraging evidence in your favor that proves you deserve the damages you claim, negotiating settlement offers with those liable for your injuries, and even representing you should your case ever reach trial. We are prepared for any scenario that arises to ensure you get your fair share of compensation.

Will a Car Accident Lawyer Advise Me On My Best Course of Action?

You may end up receiving an injury settlement from the insurance company that attempts to undercut the amount of compensation you may actually be owed. We can either negotiate a higher settlement on your behalf or represent you in court to get you what you are owed. We will consult and advise you every step of the way to make sure that, together, we take the best course of action possible. Book a free consultation with our law firm by calling (626) 280-6000.