Being falsely accused of any crime can put a serious question mark on your moral character and can make even those closest to you think about their association with you. However, being falsely accused of a crime as severe as any sex crime can damage your social standing and lead to serious legal trouble. The unfortunate truth is that people are falsely accused of sex crimes all the time, for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, false sex crime allegations are levied against others for blackmail purposes or extortion. Those alleging a sex crime might want a financial settlement to have their allegations retracted. Others use false allegations to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody battle. And others simply utilize a false sex crime allegation as a means for revenge on their ex. Whatever the reason, false allegations are no laughing matter. Be sure to protect yourself by seeking the help of a sex crimes attorney today.

What are the Downsides of Being Accused of a Sex Crime?

Having a sex crime allegation hanging over your head can cause an immediate decline in social status. Your friends, family, and a possible romantic partner may all look at you differently and try to gain separation from you as to not be guilty by association. This can affect your overall happiness with life and can cause you tremendous emotional grief. Aside from the social aspects, you may find it difficult to find a new job or maintain your current one. Nearly every aspect of your life can be affected negatively by a sex crime allegation.

Can All Sex Crimes Allegations Impact Me the Same?

While being falsely accused of any sex crime can handicap you in multiple ways, depending on the particular sex crime you are being accused of can determine just how serious the repercussions you might deal with can be. For example, if you are falsely accused of rape or possessing child pornography, you may face a stronger backlash than if you faced a false accusation of indecent exposure. No matter what is being alleged, it’s important to focus on defending yourself and protecting your name by contacting a sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible after you are accused of a sex crime.

Can a Sex Crimes Lawyer Protect My Image and Help Me Avoid a Criminal Charge?

An experienced sex crimes lawyer can make a major difference when it comes to helping you avoid a potential criminal charge. Seeking professional legal help can also show you are being proactive about your situation rather than passive. Defending your rights and freedoms is the most important thing you can do when a false allegation is levied against you. Contact us today at (626) 280-6000 so we can help you with your situation.