Commonly, when you are in a motorcycle accident, it is rare that you “walk away” with no injuries whatsoever. In most of these accidents, you may be hurt severely or even fatally due to the weight difference and physics involved.

So, the first, and most important thing to do, is to get immediate medical treatment and diagnosis of your injuries. Also, you will have to use your insurance to cover your medical bills and any immediate medical needs.

Usually, medical expenses, including doctor’s exams and visits, hospital bills, and surgery costs, are included in any California accident or personal injury claim. However, it does not infer that the other driver’s insurance company may not be held responsible for expenses’ including medical, lost wages, pain & suffering, and many more.

Just because you initially must use your coverage does not mean you cannot pursue compensation for your medical bills (and much more) from the other driver liable for your accident.

In many motorcycles vs. auto or truck accidents, you (as the cycle driver) may be severely injured with life-changing results. However, each case is highly unique, and it’s imperative to your interests to consult with an experienced Rosemead motorcycle accident lawyer who will analyze all the pertinent details of your crash and thoroughly explain all your legal options.

There are instances where your injuries may not be severe, and medical bills covered by insurance are all that need to be considered. Unfortunately, often, you could have injuries that require months or years of treatment and recovery time. Also, things such as lost wages, pain & suffering, and home modifications must be considered to move on successfully with your life. In cases like these, the funds needed can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and more! So, never underestimate the compensation you need and are entitled to, and consult with a motorcycle accident law firm to ensure the best for you and your family.

What Are Some Ways To Get My Motorcycle Accident Bills Paid in Rosemead?

After your motorcycle accident in California, you’re dealing with a mountain of medical costs incurred by your injury. There is some good news, though: when it comes to vehicle insurance, California is a “fault state” This means that the person who was at fault in your accident can be held responsible for paying all your damages and costs.

However, getting that person (or, more accurately – their insurance company) to pay for your medical bills is very rarely straightforward. Commonly, you will have to look at your insurance or even pay out-of-pocket.

The following is an overview of how to get your medical expenses covered after your accident:

  • File a claim immediately with your own insurance company – Your crash injuries will usually be covered by your motorcycle or health insurance policy. You may use it instead of going elsewhere to pay your medical bills if you do have coverage, as this path is usually the quickest option.
  • File a claim with the at-fault person’s insurance – This is intended to cover your injuries (and costs) when another driver caused your accident.
  • Sue the at-fault driver with a personal injury lawyer – In some cases, filing a personal injury lawsuit could be much more advantageous than making an insurance claim. If you have severe injuries, you may significantly consider this option, as your expenses may exceed your policy’s limits.

The person responsible for paying you is not required to pay your bills on an ongoing basis. Simply stated, they’re not expected to pay for every expense as it comes up. Your experienced Rosemead motorcycle accident law team will supply invaluable advice. Your current costs, of course, will be analyzed, but your lawyer will calculate what you, and your family, may need to cover your future recovery costs and financial needs.

What Should I Do First After My Rosemead Motorcycle Accident?

You must never take the attitude that your injuries are minor. Due to the immense forces involved in these accidents, head, neck, or back injuries are often common. Many of these types of injuries do not immediately show severe symptoms. Even slight initial pain and tenderness in your neck and back may signify severe neurological damage.

There are four immediate steps for you to take following your accident. If you cannot do these, try to get help at the scene.

They are:

  • Document your accident and witness information the best you can – Try to get all the pertinent information you can, such as the exact date and time, your location, any witnesses’ and the other drivers’ information, and photos.
  • Always Seek Immediate Medical Attention and call the police – Do this as soon as possible and obtain documentation of everything.
  • Notify Your Insurance Company – Do this as soon as possible, but do not answer any questions or sign anything at the scene.
  • Consult with a qualified Rosemead motorcycle accident law firm – The severity of common motorcycle injuries often involves thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat and for you to recover. Your lawyer will fight for you and your family from the start!

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit For My Motorcycle Accident in California?

If you have been injured in a motorcycle or any other type of accident, you must know that you have a specified amount of time to file a lawsuit in California. If you don’t file your claim within that time, you will not be able to receive the compensation you deserve.

California’s statute of limitations is two years from the injury in most of these personal injury cases. If your injury was not discovered right away, then the statute of limitations may be one year from the day the damage was found.

Immediately after your accident, getting medical care is the first thing you need to do. Get your injuries diagnosed the best you can at the time and get treated for them.

You must remember that the statute of limitations for a personal injury case in California is strictly enforced. It is always in your best interest to not leave this time calculation up to chance. Consulting your case thoroughly with a Rosemead personal injury attorney will get the clear facts regarding your case and the best possible legal path forward.

I Feel I Must File a Claim for My Motorcycle Accident; How Should I Proceed?

Getting injured in a motorcycle accident can be a life-changing experience. These cases can be legally complex and involve detailed legal analysis of all the documents, witness testimony, etc. Also, there are numerous financial calculations to consider to obtain the total and maximum compensation needed for you to recover fully and for your family to thrive.

You must consult with a knowledgeable and experienced Rosemead personal injury law firm to help you navigate this process and obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.