There may be no greater pain in this world than losing your loved one in a tragic accident. Having your loved one suddenly snatched away from you in the blink of an eye can not only be difficult to process but challenging to overcome. If the loved one you have lost was a spouse or domestic partner, it can be a major uphill battle just trying to regain footing in your life. If you file a wrongful death claim, you may be able to claim damages for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium occurs when you lose a spouse’s or domestic partner’s love, affection, and emotional support. You may be experiencing serious emotional turmoil because of your loved one’s wrongful death. Claiming a loss of consortium can compensate you for the kisses and intimacies you will no longer share, the intellectual relationship you will have, and the safety you will feel from your loved one. Consult with our attorneys to see if seeking a loss of consortium is right for your personal injury case.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive By Claiming Loss of Consortium?

Loss of consortium can give you additional compensation on top of other financial loss-based compensation you might claim as damages in your personal injury claim. There is no fixed amount of compensation you can receive for loss of consortium. However, it may be difficult to claim a loss of consortium on your own. Let us help you make the most out of your wrongful death claim so you get the compensation you deserve and need to move on with your life.

How Can I Prove Loss of Consortium?

Proving loss of consortium can be the most challenging aspect of claiming it for your wrongful death claim. Because of the sensitive nature of describing the intimacies, love, passion, and care that you no longer have, it can be emotionally draining to try to prove the loss of consortium. We are mindful of your emotions and we will craft your argument for loss of consortium in the most delicate yet effective way we can.

Will a Wrongful Death Attorney Provide Me the Assistance I Need to Win My Wrongful Death Claim?

Seeking damages such as loss of consortium in a wrongful death claim can be challenging without the proper legal help assisting you along the way. Let the Law Office of Daniel Deng and our attorneys help you with your wrongful death case to give you some peace-of-mind during these challenging times. Call us at (626) 280-6000 to schedule a free consultation today.