Anytime that you are injured, especially due to the negligence of another, it negatively impacts your life and that of your family. You may face mounting medical bills, lost wages, and many other unexpected health issues and costs. You deserve justice and the proper compensation to get the medical attention you need, and the time and money to fully recover. If you are severely injured, unfortunately, your entire life may forever be altered.

An experienced, professional, and empathetic Rosemead personal injury lawyer will know what to do during these confusing and exhausting times and provide vital guidance to get you the compensation you need to move forward.

Simply explained, there are approximately 7 ways a personal injury lawyer can help you receive justice, they are:

  • Providing expert support and guidance – Choose your legal team with care, as excellent personal injury law is a specialty. Some can be experts in real estate law but lacking in guiding you through a personal injury suit.
  • Helping you recover and heal – The right personal injury lawyer will allow you to focus on your recovery by totally handling the details of your case. They can help you navigate the legal system which can be overwhelming on your own, by having the experience and knowledge to win.
  • They will thoroughly investigate the accident – You are trying to recover, physically and emotionally, and the last thing you want is to relive the entire incident. They will visit the scene, gather the evidence, speak with witnesses, interact with police and the insurance companies, and do all that is needed to prove your case.
  • They will build the best case possible – By using a copy of the accident report and compiling all the evidence, your lawyer will construct a strong case against the offender.
  • They will Negotiate with the Insurance Company – Your lawyer is highly trained in negotiation and can best handle this vital challenge of dealing with the insurance companies involved. They will recognize an offer that is too low to compensate you adequately and will use their expertise to ensure that you achieve adequate compensation or bring your case to trial.
  • Preparing your court case – If the insurance company fails to make you a reasonable offer, your lawyer will prepare to go to court on your behalf. Here your lawyer has the experience necessary and is fully prepared to fight for you.
  • You and your personal injury lawyer will win by working together – Most personal injury lawyers will invest their own money in researching and preparing your case. They only recover it if you achieve a settlement offer or verdict. So, they are wholly invested in your case and its outcome.

If you have been in an accident or involved in a negligent situation it may mean your life is changed for months, years, or forever! Consult with a San Gabriel Valley law team that will fight for compensation for you, and your family’s behalf.

What Is the Average Personal Injury Claim in California?

The average personal injury settlement is an important thing to know. You may have been in an accident and are trying to learn everything that you can about how injury settlements work. The average personal injury settlement amount is approximately $65,000 but can be much higher. These cases can be legally complex, and you need to know that many factors play into a personal injury settlement.

Your personal injury lawyer will fully explain that each case is distinct and so is the compensation awarded.

Some of the items that factor into the amount are, but are not limited to:

  • Your medical bills – All your medical bills usually are covered financially.
  • Your lost income – If you’re unable to work, you can receive compensation for lost income.
  • The severity of your injuries – The more serious your physical injuries are, the more physical pain, suffering, and compensation you will likely receive.
  • Are your injuries permanent? – When a personal injury accident causes permanent injuries, your settlement is considerably higher.
  • Whether you contributed to your accident – If your actions contributed to your accident, you usually would still recover something for your injuries. The amount, however, may decrease.

Is There Any Way I Can Increase My Settlement Amount?

The simple answer is yes there is! With the professional and experienced help of your Rosemead personal injury lawyer, you can usually increase your personal injury settlement by doing everything that you can to build a strong case. It’s also important not to overlook any of the medical documentation, witnesses, and any type of evidence that will substantiate your claim.

It’s also particularly critical to present your claim professionally and properly. Making sure all meeting filing deadlines are met, naming the appropriate parties involved, and carefully drafting highly effective, and well-drafted legal documents.

In What Ways Can My Lawyer Help Me Get a Higher Settlement?

There are three basic means by which your personal injury lawyer can help you increase your settlement amount, they are:

  • Increase the Defendant’s Risk – One of the best ways your lawyer must increase the value of your settlement without going to trial is to increase the defendant’s risk. If your lawyer can convince the defendant’s attorney that going to trial will result in a verdict beyond his or her wildest imaginings, you may be able to settle for a large amount out of court.
  • Objectify the Plaintiff’s Injuries – This may sound unfair, but it is not if your injuries are severe enough. There are many positives to this tactic, but If your lawyer shows that you will require ongoing treatment, it makes it difficult for the opposing attorney to control the defendant’s risk.
  • Establish Gross Negligence – To maximize the value of your claim, your lawyer will do everything in their power to show that the defendant’s actions were not just negligent, but that they were grossly so! There are cases, such as those that include drunk driving accidents or sexual harassment, in which the jury is likely to award a higher verdict simply for the sake of punishing the defendant.

I Have Been Injured and Need an Attorney, What Should I Do First?

The first, and most important thing to do, is make sure you have the best, most professional, and empathetic personal injury lawyer possible. The law offices of Daniel Deng at the Deng Law Center have a long reputation for outstanding client service and legal excellence. Their staff can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese and will assist you in your native language. Consult with them first, and you will maximize your chances to win and receive the highest compensation possible.