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  • 为江玥申冤向检察长陈情信样本
  • 6/8/2018
  • 请检察长BILL MONTGOMERY 办公室发出声援信:



    Special Assistant to DA Bill Montgomery:

    Joe Domanico: DOMANICO@mcao.maricopa.gov

    Prosecutor Elizabeth Bingert: bingerte@mcao.maricopa.gov





                My name is _________. I am a student at Arizona State University studying ___________________. I have been following the case of People v. Holly Davis for the murder of my peer, Yue Jiang. For the past two years, the ASU community has kept a close eye on this case because of the cruel tragedy that befell our fellow student. We are outraged to learn  that the County Attorney’s office has offered Holly Davis a plea agreement for Second Degree Murder.

                The killing was clearly an intentional act, and it is a cold blood killing. Second degree murder  is not enough. It is not enough to console the thousands of students who have been affected by this tragedy. It is not enough to take back the fear it has driven into the very soul of this community. Our safety has been threatened and continues to be at risk if the Court and the State do not show us that we are respected, valued, and protected.

                We as a community urge you to consider the community of international students who place their entire futures in the hands of higher education here in the United States—whose families spend their life savings to send, in many instances, their only child to a country that prides itself on justice. These families cannot in good conscience send their only child to a country that does not seem to value the life of international students in the same way they value their own lives. Holly Davis’s plea agreement suggests that the American Justice system does not exercise its right to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

                Honorable Prosecutor, I plead with you to do right by Yue Jiang and please serve Holly Davis the punishment she deserves. Please do not let her get away with Second Degree Murder. Holly Davis’s actions that day are, without a doubt, First Degree Murder.

                Thank you for taking the time to hear my plea.





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