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  • 为江玥申冤向法官格林威请愿信样本
  • 6/8/2018
  • Judge Granville's Court: coonk@superiorcourt.maricopa.gov




    TO THE HONORABLE JUDGE GRANVILLE, in the Superior Court of Arizona, in and for the County of Maricopa:


                My name is ____________. I am a student at the Arizona State University studying ____________. For the past two years, the murder of Yue Jiang by ex-felon Holly Davis has plagued my campus and my community. As a student, it is a terrifying and paralyzing thought that it could have been me in that car that day. It could have been my roommate on that street that day or my family in the car that Ms. Jiang’s vehicle collided into.

                More importantly, it is a question of values—whether or not the justice system values a bright, young student’s life over the actions of a murderer. It is a question of whether the justice system will strive to protect citizens and students alike from those like Holly Davis. It is demoralizing for our community to think that this Court of Law does not care for students like me.

                Honorable Judge, I plead with you to rescind this plea agreement and sentence Davis to life in prison for her unconscionable crimes against Yue Jiang, a student just like myself. I plead with you to consider the safety and wellbeing of our community here in Maricopa County and finally,I ask that your Honor bring justice to this community and ensure Davis is held responsible for the crimes she has committed, for Ms. Jiang’s death and the collateral, irreparable damage Davis has caused the Jiang family.

                Thank you for your time.






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